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Space Weather

Todays Space Weather and Space Weather Now (NOAA/SEC)

ACE Real-time Solar Wind Plots

SOHO Real-time Solar Wind (MTOF Proton Monitor)

* Space Weather Real-time Plots

The OMNI dataset also known as ‘Dr.King’s catalogue’

Solar Images (NOAA/SEC) and Solar Images at SDAC

SOHO Latest Images

LASCO Home Page

SEC’s FTP: Solar Events, Active Regions, Geomagnetic Reports.

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report from Norway

Current Solar and Related Data (

GOES-8 real-time proton flux and GOES-8,10 real-time electron flux

Solar Influences Data analysis Center(SIDC)-Belgium

Proton and electron plots (ACE)

SOHO(STOF) recent low-energy particles data

Solar Wind and Energetic Particles Data from ACE

Last Yohkoh Images fromNASA/SDAC and from Montana University

Kp and Ap indices of Global Geomagnetic Activity and mirror

Last Dst-Variations(WDC-C2,Kyoto)


Last 24 ionograms from Kiruna and Uppsala

Lund Space Weather Center

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Homepage

Russian Space Weather Initiatives

ESA on-line services

University of Michigan Windows to the Universe

Space Weather and Current Solar Wind Conditions from Rice University

Hiraiso Online Information

Wilcox Solar Observatory – Solar Magnetic Field

Kitt Peak Solar Observatory – Coronal Holes

Sector of Space Magnetoplasma Dynamics (IZMIRAN) and mirror

Space Weather Resources from Rice University

Space Physics Resources from Southwest Research Institute

Space Weather:A Research Perspective(Tutorial and Resources)

Real-time Science Data Access Page (Montana State University)

Links to real-time data and another useful things from Oulu (Finland)

Various solar-geophysical data and predictions from Australian Forecast Center (IPS)

Developing the Scientific Basis for Monotoring Modelling and Predicting SW and COST 724 DB Neutron monitor data

Arctic Space Weather center (Yakutsk, IKFIA)

Project Atprome