The neutron monitor 24NM-64 and the matrix muon telescope of the Novosibirsk cosmic ray station are part of the Central Collective Use Center “Russian National Network of Cosmic Ray Stations”, registered as UNU-85 (a unique scientific installation), and also registered with the IAS RSF as an infrastructure object (OI). The Russian national network of cosmic ray stations is part of the World network of stations.



The cosmic ray observation complex includes:


– neutron monitor 24 NM-64

consists of 4 separate sections. Each section contains 6 two-meter proportional counters filled with boron trifluoride (BF 3) and enriched with B 10 isotope. The CHM-15 counters, surrounded by a thermolyzer made of polyethylene, are placed in lead, which is a local neutron generator when interacting with the nuclear-active component of the CR. Outside, lead is surrounded by a layer of polyethylene, which acts as a reflector. The total area of ​​4 sections is 24 m 2, and the weight is 50 tons. The neutron monitor provides minute and hourly data on variations in the intensity of the nuclear-active CR component.


a spectrograph based on local neutron generation, which uses a neutron monitor sensor 24 NM -64. The multiplicity of neutrons of local generation is continuously recorded (in each of the 4 sections). This makes it possible to continuously obtain information about the CR intensity in several energy intervals. The total number of registration channels is 28.


– the matrix muon telescope is made on SGM-14 gas-discharge counters in the proportional mode. When registering the hard meson component, the lead of the neutron monitor is used as a screen. The telescope provides registration of the common ionizing component and the meson component at angles of 0, 30, 40, 50, 60, 67 and 71 degrees to the zenith from eight azimuthal directions.

– auxiliary equipment includes: a digital barograph for continuous recording of atmospheric pressure in real time with an accuracy of 0.1 mb (BRS-1M), a digital barograph using a mercury inspection barometer for checking once an hour the readings of a digital continuous recording barograph, a humidity and temperature sensor DVT-3, a snow gauge based on a laser rangefinder, a digital thermograph for continuous recording of internal temperature, meters for supply voltage instability. The entire complex is powered by an Eaton 9130 – 3000 VA UPS.

The detector of the complex consists of 4 spaced sections


1 detector section of the complex 

Information and measuring system of the complex